Yes, a fireworks show will be held off Waikīkī Beach at midnight on New Year’s Eve on 31 December 2023.

The Waikīkī New Year’s Eve fireworks display is sponsored by Waikiki Improvement Association members and created by Hawaii Explosives & Pyrotechnics. It symbolizes the spirit of lōkahi (unity) because everyone comes together to make this event possible.

The Waikīkī night sky will fill with a custom pyrotechnic display from a barge off the coast of Waikīkī. This production, choreographed to a festive musical score, celebrates our 2023 memories and welcomes the 2024 New Year – with the anticipation of great things to come! A magnificent fireworks finale will “top off the evening” with sparkle and joy.

The Waikīkī Beach fireworks show is visible throughout the Waikīkī shoreline. Spectators are encouraged to find a spot along Waikīkī Beach to ring in the New Year! Please see the photo below for the expected “firing site” location of the 2023-2024 New Year’s Eve fireworks display off Waikīkī Beach (as provided in the Waikiki Improvement Association Wiki-Wiki Wire Newsletter).

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Waikīkī New Year's Eve Fireworks Display Firing Location