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Effective: 1 January 2021

Waikiki Beach Stays is owned and operated by Vivian Ward Affairs LLC.

Form Submissions

If you choose to submit a form on our website, the form submission details are collected and stored by MailChimp (Privacy Policy), an email marketing platform, and are not disclosed to any third party.

If you receive an email from us it is because you have subscribed to Waikiki Beach Stays mailing list via a form submission. If you wish to be permanently removed from all future communication, please click the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the applicable email or email [email protected] with UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject line.

Tracking & Cookies/Storage

This website uses the cookies and tracking/storage technologies outlined below. To learn more about cookies and how to control/delete cookies, see this article by Choice magazine. To learn more about local storage, see this article. To clear all tracking stored in your browser (including cookies and local storage) for this domain, CLICK HERE.

The policy below corresponds to the cookies and tracking/storage on this website only. This website may integrate with an external provider(s) for some of its functionality (e.g. payment gateways and booking engines). While we have engaged in all reasonable efforts to ensure that these provider’s cookies and tracking operations are as close to our own policy as possible, your usage of these providers is subject to each provider’s own privacy policy.

Necessary Cookies & Storage

These cookies are necessary for our website to function and as such are automatically installed. For example:

  • Helping route the website to your browser efficiently using our IT infrastructure.
  • Saving your data on multi-page forms/checkouts (if any).
  • Letting you share or like our content on social networks like Facebook if the relevant widgets are present on our pages. If you are logged into a social network, these widgets will automatically let you share content to your account if you choose.

Preference Cookies & Storage

These save your preferences for any customization of the website and are installed if you make customization.

Statistical Cookies & Storage

These cookies help us determine the user behavior on the website by reporting on your session. These technologies do not cross-reference your browsing with data from websites not owned by us. If you are located in the European Economic Area, we ask each tool to only use a session cookie (i.e. one that instructs the browser to clear it once you’ve finished your session).


  • Google Analytics (Privacy Policy/Opt-Out) for tracking general and custom behavior on the website. We use all options that Google Analytics provides for maximizing your privacy including instructing it to anonymize your IP address, transmitting data by an SSL connection only, and manually stripping out any personally identifiable information before transmitting to Google Analytics.

Third-Party Tracking/Marketing Cookies
These cookies cross-reference your browsing with data from other websites to provide us with more accurate aggregated reports and to enable us to serve you personalized ads, including ads based on your browsing behavior on this website. This functionality is aggregated, we do not use any provider that allows us to see your specific data or to create an ad specifically for you. If you are located in the European Economic Area, we do not use these cookies.


  • Google Analytics Doubleclick (Privacy Policy/Opt-Out) for providing us aggregated reporting of your demographics and interests as determined by Google from any Google accounts you have, as well as allowing us to serve you ads on third party websites based on your browsing behavior.
  • Google AdWords (Privacy Policy/Opt-Out) as above but this also allows Google to deduplicate your browsing sessions to this website across multiple browsers/devices for the purposes of tracking conversions.
  • Facebook Ads (Privacy Policy/Opt-Out) allows us to serve you ads based on your browsing behavior on our website as well as see aggregate reports that deduplicate your browsing sessions to this website across multiple browsers/devices.

CRM and CRM-Like Cookies/Tracking

These cookies allow us to view some aspects of your website browsing behavior on an individual basis. No providers we use store any personally identifiable data in the cookie, what’s stored instead is a pseudonymous identifier (eg. your account ID) which is then tied to any additional data on the provider’s end (ie. not in your browser or on the website). If you are located in the European Economic Area, we use these cookies only once you’ve scrolled down after viewing the consent popup shown at the start of your visit (as per the popup’s wording).

Technologies used:

  • Google Analytics UserID (Privacy Policy/Opt Out) for combining the standard Google Analytics reports with a pseudonymous and/or encrypted identifier. This occurs only if you choose to personally identify yourself on this website (eg. by creating an account or filling out a form that requires your personal details). Any browsing behavior you perform while logged out will NOT be associated with this ID.


From time to time Waikīkī Beach Stays may run competitions and/or initiatives with third-party partners. Waikiki Beach Stays uses (Privacy Policy) software to facilitate competition mechanics. In order to provide you with the best possible competition offers, our partners may request us to place their cookie on our website when you visit it during the time of the competition. If you are located in the European Economic Area, we do not use these cookies.

Contact Us

We take reasonable steps to ensure all data is accurate, complete, and up to date. For any requested corrections, questions, or comments regarding the operation of Waikiki Beach Stays and it’s Privacy Policy please contact:

Ashlee Galea & Kelii Wilson
[email protected]

Mailing Address
4348 Waialae Avenue #314
Honolulu HI 96816

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