There are six islands you can visit in the State of Hawaiʻi – Kauai, Oʻahu, Molokai, Lānaʻi, Maui, and the Island of Hawaiʻi (nicknamed the Big Island). Each Hawaiian Island has it’s own distinct personality and is a destination unto itself. Oʻahu (oh-ah-hoo) is the main gateway into the Hawaiian Islands, home to over one million residents. Almost 6.8 million people visited Hawaiʻi in 2021, and about 3.3 million of them visited the Oʻahu.

The island of Oʻahu is called The Heart of Hawaiʻi and The Gathering Place, it’s the most populated and popular isle in the Hawaiian archipelago. On Oʻahu, you’ll find Hawaiʻi’s capital city Honolulu, along with the State’s largest resort zone, Waikīkī, historical sites including Pearl Harbor, and famous North Shore surfing beaches.

The island blends beautiful beaches with a country-side of extinct volcano craters, rainforests and waterfalls, and an urban landscape of exceptional dining, shopping, and entertainment. It’s blessed with year-round warm weather and some of the world’s best surf breaks, snorkel and dive sites, golf courses, natural wonders, scenic hikes, historical attractions, festivals and events, and the list goes on. Oʻahu has the greatest range of visitor products and services in the state including the best public transport system.

If we had to describe Oʻahu in three words, it would be easy-going, lively, and entertaining. People visit this island to have fun, indulge, and sightsee. It’s a dream destination admired by couples, active families, and pretty much all walks of life. You’ll enjoy Oʻahu if you worship the sun, sand and surf, like to shop, wine and dine, seek nightlife experiences, and are interested in exploring Hawaiʻi’s history, arts and culture.

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