To grab Taxis/Cabs at Honolulu Airport proceed through baggage claim and exit the Terminal. Cross the road to the center median strip to find the taxi stand, look for the taxi dispatchers. Fares are metered and a ride from Waikīkī will cost around $40, depending on traffic.

Not all Taxis/Cabs in Hawaiʻi accept credit cards, have cash on hand, or let the taxi dispatcher at Honolulu Airport know you can pay with a card only. A 10-15% tip for Taxi/Cab drivers is customary, plus $1 per bag for handling.

Taxis/Cabs on Oahu operate across the island. The easiest way to hail taxis in Waikīkī is to make your way to the nearest hotel and ask the concierge to call you one, tip them a dollar to show your appreciation.

You can also download Charley’s Taxis app, they have been providing transportation in Hawaii since 1938 and offer a large network of professional taxi drivers.