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The procedure for travel to Hawaii depends on whether you are a domestic or international traveler e.g. whether you fly into Hawaii from the US mainland and its territories (domestic) or another country (international).

  • Domestic travelers from the US and its territories must adhere to the Safe Travels Hawaii program until 25 March 2022. This includes registering your trip online, uploading proof of full vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test with a Trusted Testing and Travel Partner within 72-hours of departure.
  • After 26 March 2022, the state of Hawaii is closing the Safe Travels Hawaii program and there will be no travel requirements for domestic passengers (those arriving in Hawaii from the US mainland and its territories).
  • Non-direct international travelers entering Hawaii from a US state or territory are treated as domestic travelers and must adhere to the Safe Travels Hawaii program until 25 March 2022 (as above). Please note, non-direct international travelers would still need to follow CDC federal international requirements for any initial direct flight into the United States (as above).

*The above information is subject to change. It is also important that you confirm and abide by the travel requirements for your return flight/destination.

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COVID-19 Official Hawaii State Sources

COVID-19 in Hawaii is constantly changing, please refer to official Hawaii State sources for up to date information.

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