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If you’re visiting Hawaii with a group of friends, have children in tow, or you’re a holiday-maker that likes room to spread out, vacation rentals might be perfect for you! Here are some key reasons for staying in a vacation rental on your next holiday or work trip to Waikiki.


The majority of “whole home” vacation rentals are privately-owned and managed. Most of the properties are self-contained residential dwellings, homes, or apartments/condominiums that are not shared with anyone else, providing total privacy. On-site lockboxes/door keypads allow for a contact-free check-in and check-out experience.

Local Host Knowledge

Vacation rental guests communicate directly with the host, usually the owner or a property manager. Hosts are likely to be former or current inhabitants of the area. As a local, they know a great deal about the destination. Take advantage of this one-on-one relationship to discover the best things to see, do and experience from a Hawaii insider.

Avoid Resort & Parking Fees

Most Hawaii hotels have Resort Fees, an extra charge of $12-42 per room per night for amenities (usually paid at the end of a stay). Parking is another expense, Waikiki hotels and parking lots cost up to $40 to accommodate a vehicle overnight. Avoid these expenses by staying in a vacation rental, they don’t typically charge Resort Fees and parking, if provided, is usually free.

Access to Laundry Facilities

Due to the residential nature of vacation rentals in Waikiki, most of them have access to laundry facilities either inside the property or within the building. Some lovely hosts (like us) even provide the laundry detergent. The convenience of being able to wash and dry your clothes, towels, and sheets during your stay is a godsend.

Kitchens Save Money

It’s common for vacation rentals to have kitchens, either partial kitchenettes or full kitchens, stocked with everything you could ever want or need to make a meal. Some even feature appliances like rice cookers and blenders. Eating out every day in Hawaii can add up, so being able to whip up a few breakfasts, lunches, or dinners, helps to keep the budget in check.

Free Extras

While each vacation rental is going to be different from the next, this style of accommodation tends to come with amenities. Read the listing carefully to discover what free extras are included. Our Waikiki Properties feature accessories including beach towels, chairs, and an umbrella. We also have board games and travel guidebooks.

Kid Stuff

For families with children, vacation rentals can provide immense benefits. In family-friendly destinations like Hawaii, many vacation rentals come kitted out with kid accessories to make holidaying with children much easier. Our Waikiki Properties include a travel cot, baby bath, high chair, stroller (pram), plastic dinnerware and cutlery, and kid books.

Live Like A Local

Vacation rental properties are usually someone’s home, and by staying in their personal space temporarily you get to experience life through a local’s lens. Even properties that are set-up as year-round rentals are still likely to be located on the peripheral of a tourist area, where regular people live rather than at its center where tourists congregate.

Value For Money

Vacation rentals are great value for money, especially for families and groups of people traveling together. Staying in hotels can add up when you have to reserve multiple rooms and pay extra per night for a rollaway bed. There are plenty of spacious vacation rentals in Waikiki, large enough to fit everyone in your travel party.

Social Distancing

Vacation rentals tend to have fewer common areas than hotels, equating to an abundance of personal space and less overall interaction with other people. If you’re staying in a suburban neighborhood or a residential building, most locals will also be working the traditional Monday to Friday 9-5 schedule making it less likely that you’ll bump into them.

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