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Scoot coupe rentals in Waikiki offer a unique form of Oahu transportation. Scoot coupes are two-person three-wheel mopeds, they remind me of the mini-vehicles in the video game Super Mario Kart. Hire scoot coupes from Hawaiian Style Rentals, the exclusive provider of scoot coupes in Hawaii.

Hawaiian Style Rentals Scoot Coupe Rentals

Hawaiian Style Rentals are the one-and-only shop for hiring scoot coupes in Waikiki. You must have a driver’s license to drive a coupe, and passengers at least 7 years old. Choose from red, blue, yellow, green, or white vehicles from two shops in Waikiki, on 2556 Lemon Road and 138 Uluniu Avenue.

All scoot coupe rentals include a helmet, lock, gas, custom tour maps are also provided. Recommended Oahu rides include The Gold Coast, Historic Pass, Downtown & Kakaako, Manoa Valley, and Ala Moana Ride. They come equipped with Bluetooth speakers, so you can listen to tunes while cruising Honolulu.

Choose from a variety of vehicle colors including red, blue, green, yellow, and white. There’s even a shark and turtle themed scoot coupe for hire!

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Image Credit: Hawaiian Style Rentals